Palmetto coffee shop & roastery now open.  Free shipping on all orders over $25

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Palmetto coffee shop & roastery now open.  Free shipping on all orders over $25

Palmetto coffee shop & roastery now open.
  Free shipping on all orders over $25

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10 great holiday coffee ideas for Bradenton and Sarasota coffee folks!

Every year we try to highlight our coffee catalog by offering new and different coffee ideas. We want to offer the best coffee lover gifts in Bradenton and Sarasota. Last year we had some great coffee equipment ideas along with some of Banyan coffee merch. Please feel free to check it out here. This year we focus on our coffee offerings at different price points. 



It’s the time of the year for giving, but you can give year-round by purchasing a subscription bag of our charity coffee bag. Every so often we will mix our charity up by giving to local foundations in the Bradenton and Sarasota fl. Not only will someone benefit from great coffee, but an organization will too! A part of the profits will go towards a charity that’s selected for that particular time. In November we are doing the Epilepsy Foundation. About 3 million people in America are living with epilepsy and seizures. The mission of the Epilepsy Foundation is to stop seizures and SUDEP, find a cure and overcome the challenges created by epilepsy through efforts including education, advocacy and research to accelerate ideas into therapies.

Charity Coffee Bag $14

Charity coffee for epilepsy

Stainless Steel Banyan Coffee Lowball Tumbler $20

Coffee mug

A great holiday gift for the 2021 winter season is our CRU CUP of Sarasota, Florida and Banyan Coffee to bring you our first coffee 10oz lowball tumbler. This stainless steel lowball tumbler is engraved with your favorite coffee company. Even though it doesn’t have a handle you won’t risk your hands melting from that hot cup of coffee. It’s insulated and personally tested by Banyan coffee!

Stainless Steel Banyan Coffee Mug $24

Sarasota coffee mug

Again, we’ve teamed up with Sarasota coffee lover CRU CUP to bring you our coffee mug. Our most popular mug is a 12 oz., stainless steel mug tumbler that is engraved with your favorite coffee company.  This coffee mug comes with a BPA Free Slider Lid to keep your drink insulated.

Madness "Cream of the Crop" Tee 2.0 $20

Cream of the crop coffee t-shirt

Designed by Sarah Goetz and made by Luvusport in Venice, FL from Next Level 100% Ringspun Cotton. 
This comes in a “Banana Cream” color.
  Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Long Sleeve Banyan Coffee “Throwdown Logo” Tee $30

Long sleeve coffee shirt
This popular design was made a few years ago but folks have been asking for a long sleeve shirt for a long time. As winter approaches, Florida still gets cold at night and even when you grab your Saturday morning coffee downtown Bradenton. You can use this one as a fishing shirt on the boat or as a cover-up for the beach. It comes in mint green color. Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Coffee Gift Bag -set of 3 (Personal gift or Corporate gifts) $30

Sample Coffee Pack (Personal Gift or Corporate Gift)
corporate coffee gift

This coffee gift bag has been great year-round for house closing gifts but now that the Holidays are approaching it makes the best coffee lover gifts to someone who enjoys coffee. A coffee gift option is a great option for your coworkers. You can spoil your work with some office coffee. Let them discover which coffees they may like but still have the high quality of Banyan Coffee. All coffees are unique from each other. Each coffee gift pack you will receive a light, medium and dark roast.

Barrel Aged Coffee set of 3 bags (Bourbon barrel aged coffee, Rum barrel aged coffee, Cabernet Sauvignon barrel aged coffee or Tequila barrel aged coffee) $100

Barrel Aged Coffee Gift Set of 3 Bags (Bourbon, Rum, Wine or Tequila)
Barrel aged coffee

If you’re feeling risky, try our flight of barrel-aged coffees as a sample for the holiday season. No, it doesn’t contain alcohol for those crazy ugly sweater Christmas parties or the awkward in-law gatherings. This barrel aged coffee is still great for all gatherings though. It’s a great addition to the festival season!

Banyan Limited Release Coffee - Coffee gift pack $100 (Barrel aged coffee, San Sebastian coffee, Yemen coffee, Colombia Natural coffee, Nicaragua coffee) $100

Limited release coffee

If you want to splurge on that special someone that claims to be a coffee snob, try the exclusive release coffee basket. Here you will not be disappointed! You will enjoy our Yemen Al-Qafr Hawari that has a historic tradition for coffee. Yemen is considered the first place where coffee was first consumed and the country inspired the Moka Java (Mocha Java coffee) blend. Guatemala San Sebastian was part of our exotic coffee last year and continues to shine this year. Nicaragua La Bendicion Farm has been on our radar for quite some time, and we finally were able to snag a few burlap bags of it. Ana Carolina is the farmer of La Bendicion farm. She produces a 100% red catuai variety that gives a unique peach flavor profile. We have to throw in a bourbon barrel-aged coffee because it’s just so unique in flavor. Leaving the barrel-aged coffee out wouldn’t feel right if we call this group limited release. Lastly, we saved (maybe) the best for last because the coffee producer is world known Luis Anibal Calderon of Villa Betulia Coffee in Colombia. He is known for Geisha coffee and experimental coffee processing. The lactic Pink Bourbon coffee has creamy, tropical fruits and a nutmeg aftertaste. It just sounds festive!

6 month subscription coffee club 12oz. includes shipping $100

Sample Coffee Pack (Personal Gift or Corporate Gift)
Subscription coffee club

This works great if you want someone hooked on Banyan Coffee. It’s hard to leave awesome coffee once you tried it, and it will get them through part of the year. Then you can get them another 6 month subscription plan for their birthday. Now they have coffee year-round. Everyone has their own way to prepare their coffee in the morning and now they don’t have to debate what is the preferred method. Drip coffee vs pour over is not longer debatable because our sample coffee gift allows for both options.

6 month subscription coffee club 2lb bag includes shipping $180

Sample Coffee Pack (Personal Gift or Corporate Gift)
Subscription coffee club

This is the “go big or go decaf” package. It’s the same as the” 6 month subscription plan 12oz.” but more coffee. 

If you’re looking for custom gift sets for clients or corporate gifts? Please contact us about creating your own package! Email us at