Palmetto coffee shop & roastery now open.  Free shipping on all orders over $25

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Palmetto coffee shop & roastery now open.  Free shipping on all orders over $25

Palmetto coffee shop & roastery now open.
  Free shipping on all orders over $25

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Banyan Coffee Shop in Bradenton

Banyan Coffee adding Sarasota and Bradenton Coffee Shops

Do you remember the first time you went to your favorite coffee shop? The moment you fell in love with the menu, exotic coffee names, the people there, and environment, it all clicked! Wouldn’t you love to live in that every day and replicate the feeling for other people in your community? Whether you love their coffee, snacks, vibe-y music, combination of the students and busy professionals, friends new and old hanging out and catching up, networking opportunities, or people swinging by on their way to work for a jolt of energy, what if you were told there is a way to make that your everyday reality?

Sarasota and Bradenton Coffee Roaster
Sarasota and Bradenton Coffee Roaster

Partner with our Team and Let Passion Ignite your Purpose

Banyan Coffee in Bradenton, Florida is looking for passionate coffee connoisseurs, and people with a desire to enter the food and beverage industry! (with little or no experience) Have you ever had the desire to start your own café or coffee shop but do not know where to start? When it comes to doing what you love, no thought is a wrong thought! That is why Banyan Coffee in Bradenton is looking to come alongside locals to start coffee shops.

Banyan's Abbey and Joshua Schmitt
Partner with Banyan’s Abbey and Joshua Schmitt

Learn from Industry Leaders when you Partner with Banyan Coffee

Banyan Coffee Company based out of Bradenton, Florida is all about sharing its industry knowledge with everyone from small coffee farms in Indonesia to the coffee enthusiast next door looking to get into the Bradenton coffee game. 

This blog is for anyone in Sarasota or Bradenton who is looking to start a coffee shop, coffee food truck, tent, or coffee service! Turn the vibe of your favorite coffee shop in your new office and help other people catch the vibe that fuels your passion. All you need to have is the drive and passion to walk alongside our team to help you get a Banyan Coffee location in Sarasota or Bradenton open.

Barista making coffee in Bradenton
Barista making coffee in Bradenton

Starting a Bradenton or Sarasota Banyan Coffee Shop

We believe that good Bradenton Coffee shops should not only be accessible to consumers but also Bradenton Coffee Shop owners outside of major coffee chains. Bradenton’s Banyan Coffee is looking to open storefront coffee shops in Sarasota and Bradenton.

Do you check any of the following boxes?!

1 Someone who is passionate about coffee

2 Loves helping people and is outgoing 

3 Has industry knowledge within sourcing and roasting coffee beans

4 Loves working in a collaborative and dynamic workplace setting

5 Loves people and prioritizes relationships

6 Love gathering people and displaying hospitality

7 Capital to lease/own property to operate out of

8 Loves creating and trying new things

If so, Banyan would LOVE the opportunity for a partnership as we are looking to add a third location by the end of the year! You do not have to know everything there is to know about coffee. You do not need to know how to make a tree leaf or snowman in a cappuccino. We will save the coffee art for later! The most important things are that you are very passionate about coffee, are relational, and want to open a coffee shop. It is our goal to use our experience to help people start coffee shops.

Banyan Coffee Shop
Banyan Coffee Shop

Why Partner with Banyan Coffee in Bradenton or Sarasota?

Benefits of partnering with Banyan Coffee and opening a coffee shop:

1 Hands on training from Banyan Coffee Company’s team 

2 Can start a coffee shop without starting from scratch my leveraging our resources and contacts

3 Can serve locally roasted and fresh Bradenton Coffee beans roasted by Banyan Coffee

4 Work with a local roaster who will work around the clock to ensure you have what you need at all times and not have to wait for shipments from suppliers. When ordering coffee beans from another region, it can take days to weeks to get to your shop. Banyan will ensure you always have what you need, and if not, we will always get you what you need right away so you do not have to wait

5 Banyan Coffee in Bradenton will give you recommendations and tailor the needs to your target market

6 Gives the freedom to someone to have their own coffee shop 

7 Continually learn and be educated by Banyan Coffee to equip you and deliver the best product and service to your customers

8 Banyan Coffee will help promote your Bradenton or Sarasota coffee shop through our media and marketing channels

9 Banyan can rent all the equipment to you to try before you buy to ensure your coffee shop has exactly what it needs and can make informative decisions when buying equipment of your own

10 Banyan will keep you up to date with the continuously growing coffee scene and industry to stay ahead of the curve

Sarasota Coffee Shop
Design a Sarasota Coffee Shop to Customer Needs

Banyan wants to help YOU

With little or no experience we can help launch your coffee shop and help you get on your feet! This Bradenton Coffee shop will keep the Banyan Coffee name without having to pay royalties into it. That is like leveraging the resources and experience of a large company without having to pay to use or represent their brand. 

Banyan’s goal is to educate and equip people to run a successful coffee shop without the corporate-ness of large coffee chains. Banyan is not looking to use or take advantage of anyone. Formulating, developing, and nurturing relationships is what Banyan is all about. We want everyone to have the opportunity to live run a local coffee shop.

Bradenton Coffee Shop
Bradenton Coffee Shop

Partner with Banyan Today!

Another tremendous benefit that comes with it is the freedom to run the Banyan Bradenton Coffee Shop however you want. There is total freedom in the vision of the store, the way you serve your local Bradenton coffee and teas, food, art on the wall, and however else you see it being run. The goal is to help lift your arms up and equip you along the way.

It goes without saying that a lot more would go into getting this started, but if any of this interests you and would like to learn more about starting a Bradenton or Sarasota coffee shop, please send an email to as SOON as possible!

Banyan Coffee Cart
Banyan Coffee Cart