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Palmetto coffee shop & roastery now open.  Free shipping on all orders over $25

Palmetto coffee shop & roastery now open.
  Free shipping on all orders over $25

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Dairy alternatives for coffee

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Why do we need milk or creamer?

Just by adding milk to your coffee you can alter its texture and flavor as milk proteins can help turn a bitter dark cup of coffee into a mild, creamy drink. Because we don’t roast our coffee very dark and since it’s freshly roasted coffee you will be surprised that you might not have to put any additives in your cup. Generally, our coffee is smooth, less bitter and most of our medium to dark roasts are low in acidity. But if you are in fact looking for that latte or cappuccino then some form of milk is required.

Sugar, fat, and protein are three of the most important components in milk that will impact coffee’s texture and taste. Sugar in the milk when heated correctly will have a very sweet taste component. Fats produce a thick and smooth texture. The protein is what forms the texture and molds the milk together to create great foam for your latte art. We recommend using whole milk for good tasting foam.

Whether one has lactose issues, partakes in a special diet, is a practicing vegan or just wants to be dairy-free, there are several reasons why these alternatives are rising in the coffee industry.

Today cow milk is dominant as the preferred milk choice. But many people are flocking to lactose-free options as they become more popular and available in grocery stores. If you visit our palmetto coffee shop you will have the option of whole milk, ½ & ½, oat milk & almond milk. We also DON’T charge more for the dairy alternatives. We feel if you have a health issue why should you be upcharged for that. Many coffee shops upcharge for most dairy alternatives but we choose not to nickel and dime you.

Soy milk originated in China and has been popular for years because it’s easy to get and relatively inexpensive. Soy milk can curdle with hot and acidic coffees and separates from the coffee itself. In general soy is creamy and smooth, and it also is a neutral taste for your coffee. Steaming with soy can produce similar outcomes to regular milk.

Oat milk is the most popular non-dairy milk to use in coffee drinks today. In fact we use this as our primary milk product. If you had our coffee at the Bradenton farmers’ market you have probably had our cold brew with oat milk since we always use it over regular milk. Upon request you can always get whole milk. We highly recommend the OATLY! brand for your oat milk option. It’s not an overpowering oat taste and it’s not too grainy like other oat milks. OATLY! has a smooth taste that lets you highlight the coffee flavor. However many people still can be allergic to oats just like others with regular milk.

Coconut milk has a strong, sweet flavor and it can have an overpowering taste. Usually mixed with a sugar or flavoring syrup can neutralize the taste of the coconut milk. If you plan to steam your coconut milk you might encounter more bubbles and less dense cream. 

Almond milk is another very popular dairy alternative. It can come sweet and unsweetened with several flavors. But many commercial almond milk manufacturers use about 2% of real almonds. The rest is water and chemicals. We highly recommend Totally Nuts Almond Milk based in Sarasota. They use more almonds in their product and have a clean label (no gels or thickeners). The milk also steams very well and has a unique taste.

Cashew milk is another nut-based dairy alternative. Cashew milk has a creamier texture than almond milk but can produce large bubbles and is soapy. It can be a little sweeter than almond milk too.

Whatever your dairy alternative option is, be sure to try multiple brands because they will vary on taste. Keep experimenting with your milk until you find something you like. QATLY! had trouble distributing their product which left us shopping around for a substitute last year. With that said, we had try about six different kinds of oat milk before we found something acceptable replace OATLY! Now that the supply chains have settle back down we can proudly say we carry OATLY! 

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