Palmetto coffee shop & roastery now open.  Free shipping on all orders over $25

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Palmetto coffee shop & roastery now open.  Free shipping on all orders over $25

Palmetto coffee shop & roastery now open.
  Free shipping on all orders over $25

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Holiday coffee gift ideas 2022

This year for our holiday coffee shopping, we decided to do more of the essentials for the particular coffee lover or for a coffee corporate gift. We have 5 of the best coffee lover gifts in our opinion. Some are items we have previously had in years past or recently new to us.

Barazta encore

We are excited to partner with Baratza & sell their amazing coffee grinders. The Baratza Encore burr grinder is affordable for the coffee enthusiast. The coffee grinder has 40 grind settings to compliment a wide range of coffee brewing styles. The Baratza grinder works great for drip coffee, pour over coffee, french press coffee and chemex. For home barista, this is one of the best coffee grinders on the market. The grounds are very consistent and the machine is built sturdy to last. Baratza Encore has a burr grinder which makes all the difference if you are spending the money on a quality purchase. Unlike blade grinders they are more consistent with even grounds. Baratza has great customer service for any questions that you may have for troubleshooting. (You can always ask your friends at Banyan coffee for advice or coffee troubleshooting) The only drawback to the coffee grinder is the time it takes to grind the coffee.  But in all this coffee grinder is a solid coffee gift.


Many coffee folks really enjoy the Breville espresso machine because of its complete package. We said this before but if you are looking for an espresso machine you need to do your own research and find what you are searching for. Ask yourself do you want to have your espresso machine to automatically make you espresso coffee or do you want to have more control over your espresso machine.  One of our favorite espresso machines is the Rancilio Silva espresso coffee machine. This is a full hands on espresso machine so there will be no automatic espresso aid.  We have previously owned the Rancilio Silva espresso coffee machine and really enjoy making espresso from home. For home use, the Rancilio Silva espresso coffee machine ($860) delivers consistent quality espresso shots, large enough boiler to make a hot latte or iced latte. The espresso machine is built like a tank and it will last for several years. As we mentioned before about Baratza coffee grinders we recommend the Baratza Vario-W coffee grinder ($599) or the Baratza Sette 270 Wi, both are a beast for home use grinders, and they have parts for you to order if your grinder needs a tune up or need any replacement parts. These two grinders have multiple settings to dial in your espresso shot. We talk a lot about consistency in coffee because the smallest human error will change your coffee flavor characteristics. Please do not use the Baratza encore for espresso because it will not get your coffee ground fine enough to acquire the correct espresso extraction.

Hario V60

For the best budget coffee brewing option look no further than the Hario V60 pour over coffee ($20)– This is the way we brew our coffee at home and at our palmetto coffee shop, upon request. The pour over is great for light roast coffee or medium roast coffee. Unlike a drip coffee, the Pour Over Coffee Method allows you to control the amount of water distributed on the coffee grounds through an electric kettle. This creates a much better coffee extraction and much more flavorful coffee taste.  Check it out at our store here.


We brought it back! Yemen coffee is back in stock for the holiday season. If you missed out on this delicious medium roast that’s rich in cocoa notes last year, because you decided to try the bourbon barrel aged coffee, or the rum barrel aged coffee you have a second shot. Yemen coffee is very unique coffee. They may not have been the first to discover coffee but in Yemen it was considered the first country that coffee was consumed in and made popular.  Hurry up and grab a brag while supplies last. If you’re not sure about purchasing a bag of Yemen coffee swing by our Palmetto coffee shop and try it in a pour over coffee.  If you like to learn more about Yemen coffee you check out a previous coffee blog on Yemen coffee below

Banyan Gift Card

Gift cards online or for our palmetto coffee shop is the easy and fast way to get that corporate gift or coffee gift for someone special.  Our coffee gift cards make life easier and for undecide coffee gift. If you have a set budget for someone especially during this high inflation, gift cards work great. Please remember to purchase the correct gift card. Our eGift cards are for purchase on our website for coffee beans, merchandise or equipment. The physical gift card is for in store purchase only (palmetto coffee shop only)  

We hope you have a great holiday shopping experience this year and most importantly you take time to spend with family and friends instead of getting caught up into the shopping frenzy. We would love to be apart of your family this holiday season.