Palmetto coffee shop & roastery now open.  Free shipping on all orders over $25

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Palmetto coffee shop & roastery now open.  Free shipping on all orders over $25

Palmetto coffee shop & roastery now open.
  Free shipping on all orders over $25

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Sarasota and Bradenton’s Newest Tea Release

Single Origin Gulf Coast Tea that Exceeds Expectations

Banyan Coffee Co Diversifies Line of Products

Banyan Coffee Co continues to innovate as we transition into the Fall… Now, we are sure you are thinking this will be a blog about our latest, festive coffee – the highly anticipated pumpkin cream cold brew or pumpkin spiced latte, but think again… Banyan Coffee Co is no longer only supplying fresh and coffee to the Manatee and Sarasota area. Starting this month, Banyan Coffee is expanding by rolling out fresh, locally packaged tea! If you been googling for some Sarasota tea or Bradenton tea, look no further.

Single Origin Sarasota Tea

Forget Ice Cream, We all Scream for Bradenton Tea

Is there a tea fanatic in your family? Do you have a friend who loves tea as much as you love your coffee? Maybe there’s someone in your office whose afternoon pick me up comes from a hot cup of delish Sarasota tea. Either way, Banyan Coffee Co continues to diversify its line of products to meet the demand of every caffeine connoisseur. From our research, development, testing, pairing, community partnerships, meetings, blending, and receiving much feedback, Banyan Coffee Co tea is GUARANTEED to surpass the standard you previously had for a cup of tea. Our team has put the time in ensuring Banyan Coffee’s tea will not disappoint.

Variety of Teas for Manasota Area

“Banyan’s Berry Hibiscus Tea exceeded my highest expectations. I no longer have to go from shop to shop in Sarasota and Bradenton to find a consistently good tea with high quality. Every sip is a treat!”

– Jane W., Bradenton, Florida

Tea Flavors for Every Season in Sarasota

As the weather cools off and as you transition from cold coffee and iced drinks to hot beverages, we highly encourage you to try some of Banyan Coffee Co’s, Sarasota tea. Skeptics are welcome! You may be saying to yourself, “I have never even tried tea or don’t even know if I like it.” Well, we once were new to it also. However, it has quickly become a mid-morning treat and joyful way to end a good meal.

A Tea-ful of Reasons to Try Banyan Tea

If you need another reason for diving into the deep end of becoming a Banyan tea drinker, first consider one of the many reasons why people have been drinking tea for thousands of years. Not only does it comfort the soul, taste great, and give you a little energy, but there are also loads of other health benefits to drinking tea. Through meticulous research, doctors and scientists have found that tea can help fight off sicknesses from the common cold to cancer from its abundant amount of antioxidants found in tea. It will also reduce menstrual pain, increase quality of sleep and relaxation, and fight cortisol which is the stress hormone. Not only that, but it is also great at combating high blood pressure and improving circulation, decreasing the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke. Tea is also known for improving teeth, hair, skin and nail health. One of the main bioactive compounds in tea aiding in all these benefits is flavonoids, which also reduces inflammation. Our Sarasota-based tea also aids and improves your body’s digestive health. Not to mention, all of this comes at the expense of ZERO calories… what is there not to love or not want to try Banyan’s Bradenton tea?!

Sarasota and Bradenton’s Latest Tea

This sounds great and all, but how can I try it? Banyan Coffee Co has just launched its first line of tea products. Banyan Coffee offers three different tea options: Hibiscus Berry Tea with pomegranate and red jolly rancher flavor notes, Mango Black Tea with mango, tropical, and juicy flavor notes, and Black Tea for making Southern sweet tea. Be sure to add one of these options into your shopping cart the next time you order coffee from Manatee’s preferred coffee vendor, Banyan Coffee Co. Once it is in your home, there a few ways it can be made:

  • Gong fu – Literally means “skill”, or “effort”; meaning it is something that is meant to be mastered. This is also where the meaning of the Chinese martial art “Kung fu” comes from. This method of brewing tea takes the most time and is better for more experienced tea drinkers or someone looking to learn a new way to brew tea. It requires multiple steps with steeping and filtering the loose tea leaves.
  • Modern – The “Western” approach to brewing tea is a great way to brew tea with less effort, requiring less skill and time needed to enjoy a delicious cup of Sarasota’s Banyan Coffee tea. Simply heat your water to 205 degrees, put your Banyan Coffee loose leaf tea in a separate tea pot, then combine the two. After it steeps, pour into your cup and enjoy!
  • Cold Brew Tea how To – Much like Banyan’s cold brew process, this Sarasota tea product sits in cold water for a period of time. Once the brew process is over, you take the Banyan tea out of your 32 ounce pitcher, pour and then drink it!

Ethical and Transparent Sourcing for Sarasota’s Latest Tea

Just as we pride ourselves in our single-origin, transparently sourced coffee, we are going through the same process as how we get our tea from the mountain sides of East Asia to the states. Banyan Coffee Co partners with a direct importer who sources tea from small farms in different parts of the world. Once the tea arrives at our facility, our team blends it and sends it directly to your doorstep for consumption. You will taste the quality of tea plus the joy of the people behind putting a smile on your face after that first sip.

Steep it Today!

Not only does Banyan coffee have the best coffee in Bradenton but we want to have the best tea in Bradenton. If you need another reason to try Banyan’s tea, stop by the Bradenton Farmers Market on any Saturday morning to give it a try. Our team will be there with their coffee and tea so you can sample it. However, the tea has just hit our online store if you want to order it today. Please don’t hesitate to send us an email at

Check out our tea offerings below!