Palmetto coffee shop & roastery now open.  Free shipping on all orders over $25

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Palmetto coffee shop & roastery now open.  Free shipping on all orders over $25

Palmetto coffee shop & roastery now open.
  Free shipping on all orders over $25

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What is on the menu at Banyan Coffee Shop in Palmetto?

Our menu couldn’t exist without those iced lattes, americano coffees, chai tea iced lattes, cold brews on tap, and hot lattes. We really wanted to include some local breakfast options from a local bakery. We use Cremesh Bakery in Bradenton and Happy Soul Bakery in Palmetto. Both bakeries are great options because they are gluten friendly or a gluten-free bakery. So, the next time you are searching for a “near me gluten free place,” you can count on us as we’ll likely have it. Like many local vegan restaurants, we wanted to offer some local bakery choices that are vegan as well. 

We try to keep as much of our menu as local as we can. Our local kombucha is from BoomBucha in Sarasota. Kombucha has some wonderful benefits like probiotics and contains antioxidants. In fact, kombucha may reduce heart disease according to PubMed Central. It’s a great alternative to coffee if you’re not a fan, yet it still has caffeine from the teas contained in the kombucha.

Chai tea iced latte is one of our favorite tea drinks to make. Our chai tea iced latte is a concentrate from Hugo Tea Company. Cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger root make up most of the flavor profile without having some of those harsh chemical sweeteners. This tastes like many of our chai tea iced lattes. We have been serving organic iced tea for over a few years now and will continue to make our hibiscus tea, mango black tea, and organic black tea. Our hibiscus berry tea has pomegranate and red jolly rancher flavor notes. Our Mango Black Tea with mango offers tropical, juicy flavor notes. While our black tea is used for making southern sweet tea.

Our espresso machine allows us to make some of the most delicious coffee menu options. You can enjoy americano coffee, iced lattes, hot lattes, affogatos, cortados, and a “Good morning, Vietnam!” drink. Our Mahlkonig E65S GBW provides precision grind-by-weight technology to provide the most accurate grind possible to help create consistency in espresso shots. The Dalla Corte Mina espresso machine at the Palmetto coffee shop makes consistent espresso shots. The manual lever allows us to adjust coffee flow rate in five stages during extraction so we can really dial in your coffee shots. With all this control, the espresso machine basically creates a unique extraction profile because the barista has more self-control of the espresso’s balance, acidity, sweetness—even its aftertaste and texture too. We would love to elaborate more on our coffee equipment in another coffee blog in the future, but as of now we will keep it brief.

Americano coffee is one of our staple drinks. Americano coffee started during World War II when Americans had trouble drinking the Italian espresso drink. So, they added hot water to dilute the espresso shot. Today you can still find an americano coffee at Banyan Coffee.

Hot lattes are getting more popular as we approach winter. Traditionally, our cold brew latte has been our biggest selling drink since Florida considers summer our year-round season. But as we get colder, cappuccinos and hot lattes are the preferred choice. Choose from whole, oat, or almond milk, or even heavy whipping cream (for the keto diet options). 

A real doozy drink that must be tried if you’re adventurous is the Good morning, Vietnam drink. It’s a combination of orange juice and espresso drink. It sounds gross, but we have tried it and we love it! Our main coffee roaster truly enjoys the unique flavor of the OJ and espresso. If you are not a fan of grapefruit that’s okay because most of us at Banyan Coffee aren’t either. This drink is very refreshing with a taste of grapefruit juice.

We are a local coffee house that does great drip coffee. We try to cover an array of flavor profiles by having a medium roast and dark roast ready at any time. In general, most folks enjoy our medium and dark roasts coffee. If you’re looking for a lighter roast try our pour over. We encourage all of our light roasts to be done on a pour over coffee. From a previous coffee blog Drip coffee vs Pour over, you can learn the difference between the two: ( We plan to further your taste palate by having coffee tastings and cuppings. We would really like to share potential new specialty coffees that we bring into the Palmetto coffee shop as well. This will also give you the option of trying new coffees that you hesitate to try if you were to order a coffee. Our coffee lab allows for the discovery of new single origin coffees such as light roast and medium roast coffee.

Cold brew lattes come from our state-of-the-art Ground Control machine. The cold brew latte machine makes our cold brew within 15 minutes as opposed to a 24 hour process. This cold brew latte can also make drip coffee and espresso concentrate for those cold days and when you need a lot of espresso shots.

It might not be organic ginger beer but Gosling’s Ginger Beer has great ginger beer flavors. We want to bring in beverage options because not everyone drinks coffee. If you bring a friend for a coffee but they don’t enjoy coffee they can choose from other non-coffee drinks. 

Let us be your nearby bagel place because we have some awesome local bagels from Uncle Nick’s! They are a local bagel shop in Bradenton, but now you can have them in Palmetto. These local bagels have no preservatives and are made fresh every time.

We sell muffins as well at the Palmetto coffee shop. We carry morning glory (carrot cake like muffin), chocolate chip, and blueberry muffins. Other baked goods consist of croissants, famous kolaches (Czech Danish Pastry), biscotti, donuts, and scones.

Most of our menu is available on our online order website so you can skip the lines to grab and go. We have the option to order 10 minutes ahead of opening times (open at 7AM, order for pickup 6:50AM) to ensure you make it to work on time. If you bring your coffee mug in you will save $1 off your drink. See you there!


Anthony W
Brandenton, Florida
“These guys know their beans!”

Jayna Saulo
From the Palmetto Coffee Shop
“My favorite baristas in manatee county”

Nancy Porter
Palmetto Coffee Shop
“The ambience was delightful! Staff friendly and courteous. ❤️ the Chai tea., as well as the offering of $1 off, if you bring your own cup! “