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We roast Monday, Wednesday & Fridays to ensure freshness. Free shipping on all orders over $25!

We roast Monday, Wednesday & Fridays to ensure freshness. Free shipping on all orders over $25!

We roast Monday, Wednesday & Fridays to ensure freshness. Free shipping on all orders over $25!


Specialty roaster, Banyan Coffee Co., is keeping Bradenton caffeinated |

by: JENNA RIMENSNYDER “When you buy [coffee] at the store, you have to consider its shelf life. The expiration date doesn’t equal freshness,” Schmitt explained on a phone call with Creative Loafing Tampa. Schmitt started diving deeper into what made fresh, better quality joe. That meant focusing on single-origin coffee. Single-origin coffee is coffee grown […]

Discover Bradenton: Banyan Coffee

Did you know there’s a specialty coffee roaster right here in Bradenton, Florida? Learn more about how Banyan Coffee Company started and where you can get your hands on these tasty brews! Click here to watch the video.

Bradenton coffee company prioritizes staying approachable |

by: Amanda Postma Began roasting coffee beans in 2013 in their garage in Oregon, they had no idea their hobby would turn into a business. Back then, Josh was roasting coffee beans using a popcorn popper for friends and family. A year or two later, the couple moved to Bradenton, Abbey’s hometown. Diving into their […]

Banyan Coffee Co. Makes Seriously Good Coffee Fun in Florida |

by: Howard Bryman A new specialty coffee roaster on Florida’s Gulf Coast called Banyan Coffee Co. has been making its presence known in the Bradenton and Sarasota area through a converted 1984 Cushman Truckster. The slow-cruising, light-duty, 80s-era service vehicle is a fitting ambassador for the laid-back brand created by founders Josh and Abbey Schmitt. […]

Banyan Coffee Company Thrives Despite Pandemic |

by: Tiffany Razzano It’s all part of his goal to make specialty coffee more “approachable,” he added. “Coffee can be intimidating, especially when you first get started. In the coffee industry, there is this coldness sometimes. It’s pretentious, a little bit. At the end of the day, to me, our philosophy is we don’t want […]

Coffee Bean Plant

Guatemala coffee

Here at Banyan Coffee, we want to educate you on some of our coffee offerings and the coffee regions that produce different coffee flavors. One of our favorite places and most popular coffees is the Guatemala roast. It’s the first destination we will unfold and hopefully we can visit in the near future.  We partnered […]

Behind the scenes of coffee roasting – Moisture Content

  This may sound very boring, but it plays an important role in coffee roasting and when it ends up at your coffee shop it will matter. Quality of the taste is affected by the moisture content of the coffee bean.  When a coffee plant is harvested and unprocessed it will contain about 50% moisture […]

Steps to make some exceptionally terrible coffee

We talked about the 6 steps to fresher coffee in our Banyan Coffee blog a few months ago and any one of those steps that you alter or ignore can be a great step to make bad coffee. 1-Buying pre-ground coffee with an expiration date for two years from today is just one step of […]

Highlighting the coffee Farmers today

We know the 4th wave coffee is here or is very close because we see a push for more organic coffee, sourcing coffee beans from individual farmers, and sourcing the highest quality coffee. We also see not only fair trade coffee but investment in the farmer to build for a sustainable future. A mutual partnership […]

White Label Coffee (Private Label Coffee)

White label coffee (Private Label Coffee) is simply coffee roasted by an outsourceroaster that roasts for that client’s coffee needs. In other words, the coffee roaster roaststhe coffee and then sells the coffee to the client. The client puts their company label onthe product. The client is mostly in charge of branding the coffee at […]