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Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee 8oz (Sold out until March 7th )


▸ 2500 MASL
Recommend Brewing: Pour-over, Drip Coffee, French Press
Acidity: Below Medium
Body: High
Sweetness: Medium


***Out of Bourbon Barrell Age Coffee until March 7th.  If you have any questions or want to reserve one please email us.***

(Roasted Mondays & Fridays)

This coffee is not infused bourbon but rather a game of patience. Bourbon is stored in the char oak barrel for a duration and then dried out. Our green coffee is stored in a char oak barrel for several weeks. The bourbon whiskey and char oak barrel gives a unique flavor. The flavors are then extracted from the barrel and into the green bean. We then roast the bourbon barrel aged coffee!
Sorry but your coffee will not contain any alcohol.
8oz. bag

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